Universal Management Agent: Functions and Integration

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication provides an overview of the Universal Management Agent
(UMA) functions as well as the Universal Management Agent Plus package.
It has details on how to implement it in conjunction with
many industry-leading systems management packages. These packages are
the Tivoli Framework, Netfinity Manager, Intel LANDesk and Microsoft
There are separate chapters to show the integration for each
of the systems management products. In addition to showing how to
integrate the functions of UMA with the other products, details about
what is going on behind the scenes in log files, databases and
tasks are shown.
The integration of UMA and the systems management packages helps to
lower the total cost of ownership by providing management data for
all supported clients. The integration is done both at the GUI
and in the systems management databases.
This book will help you to understand the benefits of using
the Universal Management Agent in conjunction with existing
systems management packages as well as on all newly supported
systems that are not under control of any vendor product. There
are lots of examples of how to access systems management data
when you are just using UMA and UMA Plus.

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27 January 1999

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