IBM z/OS DFSMShsm Primer

An IBM Redbooks publication


DFSMShsm provides space, availability, and tape mount management functions in a storage device hierarchy for both system-managed, and non-system-managed storage environments. DFSMShsm allows you to automate your storage management tasks, improving the productivity by effectively managing the storage devices.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides technical storage specialists and storage administrators with the basic DFSMShsm knowledge for implementing and customizing DFSMShsm at the IBM z/OS® V1.13 level. Hints and tips about the daily operation, monitoring, and tuning are included. Sysplex environment considerations are also included.

If you are implementing DFSMShsm for the first time, you will find valuable information for exploiting the DFSMShsm functions. If you are experienced, you will find that this publication can be used as an update to the latest DFSMShsm functions, and it shows how to use those functions in an existing DFSMShsm installation.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. DFSMShsm overview
Chapter 2. Planning and reviewing your environment
Chapter 3. Getting started basics
Chapter 4. SMS and its interactions with DFSMShsm
Chapter 5. Implementing DFSMShsm security
Chapter 6. Data set format support, RLS, and EAVs
Chapter 7. Tape considerations
Chapter 8. HSMplexes, GRSplexes, and sysplexes
Chapter 9. Space management
Chapter 10. Availability management means backup
Chapter 11. Maintaining your DFSMShsm environment
Chapter 12. CDS considerations
Chapter 13. Monitoring and reporting
Chapter 14. Problem determination
Chapter 15. IBM Health Checker update
Chapter 16. Common DFSMShsm functions
Chapter 17. Hints, tips, and recommended practices
Appendix A. Sample ACS routines
Appendix B. APAR cover letters

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Publish Date
12 December 2013

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