Backing Up Lotus Domino R5 Using Tivoli Storage Management

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Tivoli Storage Management is a suite of products from Tivoli which encompasses an enterprise-wide network storage management solution. Together, these products provide data protection, including backup and restore, for over thirty major operating systems as well as for many of the most popular databases and applications. Lotus Domino R5 is one of these applications - an industry-leading product for messaging and collaborative computing. Tivoli Storage Manager server and Tivoli Data Protection for Lotus Domino together provide online backup and restore of Lotus Domino R5 databases.
This IBM Redbooks publication addresses backup and recovery of Lotus Domino R5 databases on Windows NT, Windows 2000, and UNIX platforms.

This book provides an overview of Tivoli Storage Manager and Lotus Domino, details on how to install and configure Tivoli Data Protection for Lotus Domino R5 on Windows and UNIX, and operational procedures for backup and restore, as well as various scenarios for backup and restore.This book gives a broad understanding of the new architecture and features of Lotus Domino R5 as compared to R4, especially as they impact backup and recovery issues. Many examples and screenshots are included, to provide practical step-by-step instructions on setting up and maintaining this environment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Lotus Domino and Tivoli Storage Management
Chapter 2 Configuring storage management for Lotus Domino
Chapter 3 Operating TDP for Lotus Domino
Chapter 4 Backup strategy and recovery scenarios

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Publish Date
05 October 2000

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