Case Study: Domino.Merchant Server for IBM Netfinity Servers

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes the procedures used by the IBM Fulfillment Center to implement Lotus Domino.Merchant for internal employee sales on an IBM Netfinity server. In this book, we discuss the different Netfinity server models and their positions related to Domino.Merchant to help you select a server to conduct your intranet, extranet and Internet commercial transactions. This book provides information and instructions for anyone seeking to plan, install, and configure Domino.Merchant 2.0 Server Pack on the latest IBM Intel-based server. In addition, this book provides information regarding steps you should consider to configure your new IBM
hardware, such as the IBM ServeRAID II Ultra SCSI Adapter and the IBM SSA RAID Adapter.

The Lotus Domino.Merchant 2.0 Server Pack is a small-to-medium and departmental e-commerce solution for IBM's e-business strategy. It provides the means to build a merchant site and open for business on the Internet with an online catalog of your products. Designed to be installed, configured, administered and supported by value-added resellers, Domino.Merchant enables you to roll out a complete Internet solution to growing businesses in a matter of days, depending on a customer's requirements. This book will help you install, tailor and configure the Domino.Merchant for the following services:

Storefront customization and management
Site registration
Leads management
Order processing
Credit card authorization
Tax calculation
Order management

This book documents a very quick and easy implementation of electronic commerce. Because Domino.Merchant 2.0 Server Pack is based on Lotus Domino and includes features of Domino Intranet Starter Pack 2.0, mentioned are the vast applications supporting relationship management, office automation, information sharing and project collaboration, public Web site, Internet e-mail, and remote administration.

The Domino.Merchant solution is for IBM Employee Sales and is being integrated with the IBM Employee Sales Fulfillment System (AS/400). This project has two phases; the first phase is discussed in this book.

Some knowledge of IBM Netfinity and IBM PC Servers, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Lotus Domino Intranet Starter Pack, Microsoft NT Server and Web browsers is assumed.

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15 September 1998

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