MQSeries Version 5 Programming Examples

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This IBM Redbooks publication helps you design and develop application programs that use the features of MQSeries Version 5. MQSeries Version 5 is available for five platforms: OS/2, AIX, Windows NT, HP-UX and Sun Solaris. Some of the functions are also available on the AS/400.
This book outlines the new features of MQSeries Version 5. It is based on class exercises for an ITSO workshop. Several practical examples demonstrate how to:
- Segment large messages of up to 100MB
- Group messages for better performance
- Send message to multiple destinations using a distribution list
- Coordinate queuing functions and database updates using a two-phase commit
- Perform remote MQSeries administration in an Windows NT workgroup
- Transfer files to another system using reference messages
- Improve performance using fastpath bindings
- Write multi-threaded programs
The first chapter contains an overview of the functions released with MQSeries Version 5. The other chapters are dedicated to specific functions. They include programming hints and examples. This book comes with a diskette that contains the source code of all examples.

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09 October 1998

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