Payment Server V1.2 for AS/400: Secure Transactions in e-commerce

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Welcome to the electronic commerce world! One of the most important parts of online shopping in electronic commerce is to ensure that a secured payment process is in place. As part of IBM Payment Suite, IBM Payment Server V1.2 for AS/400 offers you a way to secure the payment process over the Internet. This IBM Redbooks publication will help you plan, install, and configure IBM Payment Server V1.2 for AS/400. IBM Payment Server V1.2 for AS/400 is based on the open standard secure protocol, SET Secure Electronic Transaction, so that it can be used to exchange transaction data with other SET-based payment systems, such as IBM Payment Gateway and IBM Payment Registry.

Prior to reading this book, you should have some knowledge of the concept of electronic commerce.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Payment Server for AS/400
Chapter 2. Planning for SET Secure Electronic Transaction
Chapter 3. Payment Server APIs
Chapter 4. Setting up the network
Chapter 5. Sample Payment Server configuration

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Publish Date
10 March 2000

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