Net.Commerce V3.2 for AS/400: A Case Study for Doing Business in the New Millennium

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Discover a practical end-to-end solution for doing business on the Web with Net.Commerce for AS/400. This IBM Redbooks publication presents a case study that you can use as a guide for implementing a Net.Commerce site. The information in this book helps you plan, install, tailor, configure, and troubleshoot a Net.Commerce site by taking you through the implementation of a sample site. The intended audience for this book includes analysts or consultants that will sell, plan, or design Net.Commerce sites. It also targets the person that will build the Net.Commerce site.

The team that wrote this book followed the steps that a typical customer would consider when implementing Net.Commerce. The authors cover such topics as populating the Net.Commerce site with existing data, integrating with a back-end system, and payment collection. These areas are presented from the perspective of "What needs to be done to make this work". Please note that some knowledge of the AS/400 platform and Net.Commerce is assumed.

Important note:
This book is based on Net.Commerce for AS/400 V3.2 running on OS/400 V4R3. While most of the book still applies to Net.Commerce V3.2 running on later versions of OS/400, some specific instructions are only for V4R3. Chapter 9, "Setting Up SSL Using DCM" of this updated softcopy version has been modified to include DCM V4R4. If you are configuring or running Net.Commerce V3.2 on V4R4, please make sure you obtain Informational APAR II12011 and II12041. They contain important setup and WebSphere information. To access the APAR information, log on to:

Click the + (plus sign) next to Tech Info & Databases->Software Problems - APARS->All Info APARs by Release->Search. Enter the APAR number, and click Search. The search should return the title of the APAR. Click the hyperlink by the title, and read the APAR information.

You should also check the readme file. To access the readme file, log on to:

Click Support in the left frame. In the right frame, support areas are listed. Click IBM Net.Commerce in the Technical Library area. Click OS400 in the header bar. From here, you can view the readme file and the list of PTFs needed for different levels of the OS/400 operating system.

Table of contents

Part 1. Planning the Net.Commerce Site
Chapter 1. Introduction to e-business and Net.Commerce
Chapter 2. Planning: The Infrastructure
Chapter 3. Planning: Site Design Considerations
Chapter 4. Planning: Language Considerations
Chapter 5. Planning: Integration with the Back-End Systems
Chapter 6. Planning: Payment Collection
Chapter 7. Planning: Tools to Build the Site
Chapter 8. Planning: Skills Required for Your Project
Part 2. Implementing the Net.Commerce Site
Chapter 9. Setting Up SSL Using DCM
Chapter 10. Setting Up the Network
Chapter 11. Installing Net.Commerce
Chapter 12. Configuring Net.Commerce
Chapter 13. Building the Mall and Store
Chapter 14. Enhancing the Store Using Product Advisor
Chapter 15. Importing Business Data into Net.Commerce
Chapter 16. Setting Up Payment Methods
Chapter 17. Interfacing to Our Back-End Business System
Chapter 18. Generating Net.Commerce Reports
Chapter 19. Implementing Overridable Functions
Chapter 20. Writing Commands
Chapter 21. Site Administration
Appendix A. Source Code Samples
Appendix B. Performance
Appendix C. Problems and Solutions


Publish Date
29 July 1999

Last Update
19 January 2000

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