The AS/400 NetServer Advantage

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Gain the AS/400 NetServer advantage. AS/400 NetServer is an OS/400 function introduced in Version 4 Release 2, that enables Windows clients to connect to AS/400 shared directory paths and shared output queues using TCP/IP. It enables an AS/400 system to provide file and print serving in a Windows network without needing to install additional hardware or software on the AS/400 system. This IBM Redbooks publication is designed with the needs of all AS/400 system implementors in mind and offers you various ways to enhance your environment with AS/400 NetServer.

If you are using Client Access Express, you will discover how to give your clients access to AS/400 disk space and printers. If you are using Client Access for Windows 95/NT, after reading this book, you may decide to use AS/400 NetServer support rather than the support provided in Client Access for file and print serving. The reason is that AS/400 NetServer does not require additional software and is part of the OS/400 operating system. If you are currently using IBM Warp Server/400 or Novell NetWare on an Integrated Nefinity Server, you can use the information provided to help you migrate to AS/400 NetServer for file and print serving. If you are interested in using Network Stations with Windows NT server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition, you can enhance your users’ environment by taking advantage of AS/400 NetServer.

This book is divided into three parts:

- Part 1 describes how to configure and use AS/400 NetServer shares and printers.
- Part 2 describes considerations for moving file and print serving from an Integrated Netfinity Server using Warp Server/400 or Novell NetWare to AS/400 NetServer. We include some scenarios to help you apply what we describe to your own situation.
- If your installation has Network Stations, you may want to consider file sharing using AS/400 NetServer. In Part 3, you learn how to use AS/400 NetServer, as well as Windows NT server, Terminal Server Edition, to provide file and print sharing for your users.

Table of contents

Part 1. Configuring and using AS/400 NetServer
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Getting started with AS/400 NetServer
Chapter 3. Using AS/400 NetServer
Chapter 4. AS/400 NetServer security
Chapter 5. Troubleshooting AS/400 NetServer
Part 2. Migrating to AS/400 NetServer
Chapter 6. Migration from Warp Server
Chapter 7. Migration from Novell NetWare
Part 3. AS/400 NetServer and Network Stations
Chapter 8. AS/400 NetServer and Network Stations
Part 4. Appendixes
Appendix A. Setting up AS/400 NetServer without Operations Navigator
Appendix B. Using applications with AS/400 NetServer
Appendix C. Exit program


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08 December 1999

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09 February 2000

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