V4 TCP/IP for AS/400: More Cool Things Than Ever

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication provides sample scenarios that demonstrate common solutions with example configurations. It covers all versions and releases of OS/400 V4 up to V4R4. In some cases, the examples are provided at lower-level versions. Where there are significant differences, multiple versions are presented. The information in this book helps you plan, install, tailor, configure, and troubleshoot TCP/IP on your AS/400 system. The intended audience for this book includes the analysts, consultants, and support people that will design, install, and configure the AS/400 system in a TCP/IP environment.

This book is a compendium of AS/400 TCP/IP information. It is built from information contained in other existing redbooks which are referenced throughout this book, as well as new information developed specifically for this book. We provide enough basic information about the common TCP/IP functions to allow the reader to setup the TCP/IP functions on an AS/400 system. In some cases, we provide more in-depth information, while, in other cases, we refer you to another source of more detailed documentation that goes beyond the basics. Some knowledge of the AS/400 platform and TCP/IP is assumed.
This book is written for Version 4 of OS/400. If you are searching for a V3R2 look at the same topics see Cool Title About the AS/400 and Internet, SG24-4815

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to TCP/IP on the AS/400 system
Chapter 2. TCP/IP basic installation and configuration
Chapter 3. SSL security on the AS/400 system
Chapter 4. Configuring PPP and SLIP
Chapter 5. Telnet and the AS/400 system
Chapter 6. Using FTP on the AS/400 system
Chapter 7. Implementing the AS/400 system as a SOCKS client
Chapter 8. Getting started with DNS on the AS/400 system
Chapter 9. Getting started with DHCP on the AS/400 system
Chapter 10. Network Address Translation and IP Packet Filtering
Chapter 11. AS/400 VPN implementation
Chapter 12. LDAP on the AS/400 system
Chapter 13. Printing using TCP/IP
Chapter 14. Using routing with the AS/400 system
Chapter 15. Using virtual IP addresses
Chapter 16. OS/400 multicasting support
Chapter 17. Configuration and use of REXEC
Chapter 18. DDM and DRDA over TCP/IP
Chapter 19. Problem determination
Appendix A. Sample code

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Publish Date
13 March 2000

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