AS/400 Remote Journal Function for High Availability and Data Replication

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Discover the finer details of AS/400 remote journal support. This IBM Redbooks publication provides suggestions, guidelines, and practical examples about when and how to efficiently use remote journal function provided by OS/400. It contains information that you may not find anywhere else, including detailed coverage of the following topics:

- Synchronously and Asynchronously maintained remote journals
- Remote journal setup, removal, and day-to-day operation
- Remote journal performance over a wide range of communications gear
- Building AS/400 switchover solutions
- Guidelines for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that want to implement AS/400 high availability solutions

In particular, the remote journal performance chapter covers a wide range of test scenarios used to evaluate the following aspects of remote journal support:

- The efficiency of different communications hardware (OptiConnect, ATM, 100Mbps Ethernet, Token-Ring, and Frame Relay)
- The overall impact of running remote journal in both synchronous and asynchronous modes in an interactive transaction processing environment

This book is intended for system administrators, high availability specialists, and ISVs. It specifically focuses on their needs to implement a high availability solution for the AS/400 system. However, prior to reading this book, you should be familiar with journal function concepts.

By reading this book you gain a broad understanding of OS/400 commands and APIs that you can use for remote journal setup and operation. This book offers you the information you need to create or implement well-performing AS/400 high availability solutions.

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04 February 1999

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