AS/400 IBM Network Station: Techniques for Deployment in a WAN

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Gain an edge implementing an IBM Network Station solution in a Wide Area Network (WAN). This IBM Redbooks publication offers a number of alternative implementation techniques that demonstrate the IBM Network Station’s flexibility and rapid deployment capabilities.

As you read this book, you find valuable information about running IBM Network Station with Network Station Manager Program Release 3 (NSM). This book also discusses the details of the new functions provided with NSM Release 3 and subsequent Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs). These functions include Broadcast Boot for AS/400, enhanced converged 3270/5250 emulators, VTxxx Telnet emulation, streaming LPR/LPD print support, ICA Client protocol, Lotus eSuite Workplace, integrated 40-bit NC Navigator browser, DHCP support, and Flash memory cards. In addition, this book offers an introduction to the 2212 Nways Access Utility and the 5500 Express IP control unit.

This book is intended for the I/T professional who has customers with existing IBM Network Stations and are planning to implement the new functions available with Network Station Manager Program Release 3. It also targets those professional that are planning to replace non-programmable terminals (NPTs) with IBM Network Stations.

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23 March 1999

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