AS/400 Consolidation Strategies and Implementation

An IBM Redbooks publication


Explore AS/400 server consolidation. This IBM Redbooks publication gives you a complete overview of the AS/400 server consolidation process. Plus, it offers important information about critical areas that you must consider when performing server consolidation.

Since it is impossible to cover all scenarios in one book, this book focuses specifically on AS/400 servers. It also targets the needs of the increasing numbers of customers who want to consolidate Windows NT platforms and Lotus Domino servers on the AS/400 system and take advantage of the features available on the AS/400 server.

By reading this guide, you acquire a methodology for consolidation, which is not to be confused with the viability of AS/400 server consolidation. This book is not a substitute for technical competence or experience.

This book is designed for IBM personnel and IBM business partners that are starting AS/400 server consolidation. It assumes that the customer has already agreed to commit to an AS/400 server consolidation. Yet, it is important that the customer understands the implications of consolidation and is aware of the challenges ahead. This book places it all into perspective.

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10 December 1998

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