RS/6000 Scientific and Technical Computing: POWER3 Introduction and Tuning Guide

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This IBM Redbooks publication provides information to help you understand and exploit the new generation of computer systems based on the RS/6000 POWER3 architecture. Specifically, this publication will address the following issues:

POWER3 features and capabilities
CPU and memory optimization techniques, especially for Fortran programming
AIX XL Fortran Version 5.1.1 compiler capabilities and which options to use
Parallel processing techniques and performance
Available libraries and programming interfaces
Performance examples on commonly used kernels and on several full applications

The anticipated audience for this book is as follows:

Application developers
End users who may be involved in making modifications to applications
Technical managers responsible for equipment purchase decisions
Managers responsible for project planning
Researchers involved in numerical algorithm development
End users with an interest in understanding the performance of their applications

While this publication is decidedly technical in nature, the fundamental concepts are presented from a user point of view and numerous examples are provided to reinforce these concepts. Furthermore, this publication is organized such that the information becomes more detailed as one progresses through the chapters. This organization will allow readers to stop, once they have achieved the level of understanding they desire, without having to search through the publication.

To some extent, this book should be regarded as a series of subtopics that can be read alone. Each chapter is relatively complete in itself, referring to other chapters where appropriate.

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18 September 1998

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