Lotus Domino for S/390 Release 5: Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 02 February 2001, updated 05 June 2001

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ISBN-10: 0738421146
ISBN-13: 9780738421148
IBM Form #: SG24-5149-02
(170 pages)

Authors: Mike Ebbers, Misao Ishikawa, Mike Lang, Milan Otajovic, Max Santos


This IBM Redbooks publication helps OS/390 system programmers and Domino administrators to monitor and tune Domino for S/390. It identifies factors that affect Domino R5 performance on S/390, and supplies recommendations to tune the configuration and parameter settings for optimal performance.
In addition, it gives guidelines for capacity planning. A background in OS/390 and experience with Domino is assumed.
This updated book describes the new SMF type 108 records and covers clustering, shared CPs, and RPCs.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. OS/390 Tuning
3. DASD subsystem tuning
4. Network tuning
5. Domino tuning
6. Domino tuning (advanced functions)
7. Domino monitoring
8. Capacity planning
A. Workload Manager (WLM) example
B. Domino parameters that affect performance
C. Sample notes.ini File
D. Sample output of show statistics command

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