DB2 Performance Tuning on VSE and VM

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes performance tuning of DB2 Server for VSE & VM
Version 5 Release 1 from various aspects. It contains an overview of the
performance relevant new functions and features, and how customers can
benefit from them. Many details, techniques and recommendations about
how to use these new facilities are provided as well as the typical
steps for performance tuning regarding databases and applications.
Checklists are provided to assist in analyzing performance problems, and
recommendations are given for prevention. Sample tools are described
that might help perform these tasks, and examples illustrate the
versatility of these products.

This document is intended for use by database administrators, system
programmers, application programmers and those who are involved in using
DB2 Server for VSE & VM. It assumes a knowledge of DB2 database administration and basic
knowledge of either VM/ESA or VSE/ESA.

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Publish Date
11 May 1998

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