Image and Workflow Library: Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning for VisualInfo and Digital Library Servers

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication tells you how to perform capacity planning and performance tuning for VisualInfo and Digital Library servers. We have gathered
information from a wide variety of sources, including from the product developers and field professionals and data bases and publications on
these topics. This edition applies to IBM eDMSuite ImagePlus VisualInfo Version 2 Release 3, IBM DB2 Digital Library Version 2
Release 4, and IBM VisualInfo for OS/400 Version 4 Release 1.

As product support experts and developers visit customers in the field, they find many of the same issues over and over. Many of these could be
prevented with the correct procedures in place. This book is written to help minimize the outages from known procedural problems and errors.

An architectural overview of VisualInfo and Digital Library is provided in chapters 1 to 3. Information on capacity planning for servers is
provided in chapters 4 to 7. Performance tuning tips for servers are detailed in chapters 8 to 14. Scenarios from customer installations are
described in chapters 15 to 17.
This book is written for people responsible for architecting and tuning a solution using VisualInfo or Digital Library servers.
You can read it from cover to cover or use it for reference. Some knowledge of VisualInfo or Digital Library is assumed.

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06 May 1999

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