Unleashing AS/400 Applications on the Internet

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication is intended to give directions to enable an AS/400 application to the Internet. It gives you the necessary information to implement and run the Internet-related AS/400 applications using one or a combination of the following available techniques:

- Common Gateway Interface (CGI-Bin)
- Net.Data
- Workstation Gateway
- Java Applets and Java Scripts

It is also the intent of this book to provide you with a road map of the AS/400 application development scenario for the Internet and performance considerations.

This book was written for technical services and consultants who are charged with the task of recommending and implementing an AS/400 network computing environment, and for the IBM, Business Partner and customer technical professional community.

Some knowledge of the AS/400 system, application development, and Internet programming is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. AS/400ù System in Network Computing Environment 1.0
Chapter 2. Internet Application Design Considerations 2.0
Chapter 3. Common Gateway Interface (CGI-BIN) Implementation 3.0
Chapter 4. Net.Data Implementation 4.0
Chapter 5. HTML Gateway Implementation 5.0
Chapter 6. Further Enhancing Your AS/400 HTML Pages 6.0
Chapter 7. AS/400 Internet Technology Preview 7.0
Chapter 8. Internet Application Performance 8.0
Appendix A. ILE RPG and ILE COBOL Sample CGI Programs A.0
Appendix B. HTML Gateway Code Examples B.0
Appendix C. Special Notices C.0
Appendix D. Related Publications D.0


Publish Date
17 June 1997

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