AS/400 Internet Security: Protecting Your AS/400 from HARM in the Internet

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Many companies are thinking of connecting their internal corporate networks to the Internet.. And for good reasons. There are many rewards associated with both increased visibility and the opportunity to exchange e-mail with the rest of the world or access the wealth of information available on "the net".

At the same time, companies are concerned with the security of their systems.

In this book, we take a layered approach to securing your AS/400 system when attaching it to the Internet. We focus on system and application security. We describe the security issues and risks associated with each TCP/IP application and provide examples, recommendations, tips and, techniques that will help the webmaster or system administrator to make an educated decision when implementing those applications in an AS/400 attached to the Internet.

The purpose of this IBM Redbooks publication is not to cover network security. However, network security is a key component of Internet security and we provide some elements that will help you to evaluate the need for a firewall.

Basic knowledge of each TCP/IP application available on AS/400 is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Internet Security Overview 1.0
Chapter 2. Start Here by Securing OS/400ù 2.0
Chapter 3. Securing Your First Application - HTTP Server 3.0
Chapter 4. 5250-to-HTML Workstation Gateway Security 4.0
Chapter 5. Electronic Mail Security 5.0
Chapter 6. FTP Security 6.0
Chapter 7. TELNET Security 7.0
Chapter 8. SLIP Security 8.0
Chapter 9. I/NET's Commerce Server/400 Security 9.0
Appendix A. Special Notices A.0
Appendix B. Related Publications B.0

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Publish Date
18 June 1997

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