AS/400 Communication Performance Investigation - V3R6/V3R7

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Improving communication performance is not a trivial task. The purpose of this IBM Redbooks publication is to discuss how to manage communications performance and ways to locate the problem areas in communication performance.
This book collects a large amount of the performance information from several sources and presents it in an ordered manner. The databases created by the Performance Tools/400 were used to give the key performance indicators. This book is intended for technical professionals including network designers who want to tune the IBM AS/400 system to improve communications performance.
An intermediate knowledge of the Performance Tools/400 (5716-PT1) and Query/400 (5716-QU1) is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Tools Used for Finding Performance Problems 1.0
Chapter 2. Using CL Commands to Find Performance Problems 2.0
Chapter 3. Using Performance Tools/400 3.0
Chapter 4. Using BEST/1 for Communications Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning 4.0
Chapter 5. Using System Service Tools 5.0
Chapter 6. Communications I/O Processor (IOP) 6.0
Chapter 7. Local Area Network Performance Analysis 7.0
Chapter 8. X.25 8.0
Chapter 9. SDLC 9.0
Chapter 10. SNA 10.0
Chapter 11. TCP/IP Performance Investigation 11.0
Chapter 12. Analyzing APPN Communications Performance 12.0
Chapter 13. AnyNet 13.0
Chapter 14. ISDN 14.0
Appendix A. SDLC Queries A.0
Appendix B. Local Area Network Queries B.0
Appendix C. X.25 Queries C.0
Appendix D. Queries for APPN Tasks D.0
Appendix E. SNA Queries E.0
Appendix F. Integrated PC Server Query F.0
Appendix G. AnyNet Queries G.0
Appendix H. ISDN Queries H.0
Appendix I. Guidelines for Interpreting Performance Data I.0
Appendix J. Special Notices J.0
Appendix K. Related Publications K.0

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Publish Date
13 January 1998

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