AS/400 and Novell NetWare Interoperation

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication addresses the different ways to provide inter-operation
between the Operating System/400 and Novell NetWare. It describes
the various ways to set up NetWare on an AS/400 Integrated PC Server
and provides details on the different integration functions such as:

- Disk serving
- Integration of NetWare based data within the AS/400 Integrated
File System
- Integrated Security
- User Profile Integration
- Printing AS/400 output on NetWare based printers
- Connection and volume management

This book was written for IBM and Business Partners technical
specialists who want to provide service to their customers in the
area of OS/400 and NetWare inter-operation.

Several practical examples are presented to demonstrate how to set
up NetWare on an AS/400 Integrated PC Server both on the AS/400
CISC and RISC platform, as well as setting up the system for end
user transparency.

Some knowledge of the AS/400 system is assumed and Novell
NetWare 4.x. is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview 1.1
Chapter 2. IPX Support 1.2
Chapter 3. Novell NetWare Directory Services 1.3
Chapter 4. Installing Novell NetWare on the AS/400 CISC Platform 2.1
Chapter 5. Installing Novell NetWare on the AS/400 RISC Platform 2.2
Chapter 6. Description 3.1
Chapter 7. Initial Setup Steps 3.2
Chapter 8. Integrated Security 3.3
Chapter 9. Administration 3.4
Chapter 10. Printing Integration 3.5
Chapter 11. File System Integration 3.6
Chapter 12. Backup/Restore Options 4.1
Chapter 13. Installing Applications on Integrated PC Server 4.2
Chapter 14. OS/400 Integration for Novell NetWare and Novell NetWare 4.11 4.3
Appendix A. Special Notices A.0
Appendix B. Related Publications B.0


Publish Date
31 December 1997

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