VisualAge for Smalltalk Handbook - Volume 1: Fundamentals

An IBM Redbooks publication


This book addresses many common questions in the VisualAge for
Smalltalk development arena. It covers various aspects of VisualAge
and IBM Smalltalk through answers to frequently asked questions,
hints and tips from users and developers, and online bulletin
boards inside and outside of IBM.

This IBM Redbooks publication will help VisualAge for Smalltalk developers find
answers to their everyday questions. The book provides usage
guidelines for areas such as change management, performance,
database access, and transaction processing, to help developers
avoid common programming pitfalls.

The VisualAge for Smalltalk Handbook has two volumes:

- Volume 1: Fundamentals

Volume 1 covers general programming questions on such topics as
image maintenance, graphical user interfaces, naming conventions,
and the IBM Smalltalk language.

- Volume 2: Features

Volume 2 focuses on VisualAge for Smalltalk features, such as
AS/400 Connection, Communications and Transactions, Distributed,
Reports, and Web Connection.

This book is written for VisualAge for Smalltalk programmers,
project leaders, and developers. Understanding many of the questions
and answers in this book requires substantial knowledge of the
VisualAge for Smalltalk product and the Smalltalk language.

This book does not discuss questions related to methodologies,
analysis and design. For a discussion of object-oriented analysis
and design with VisualAge for Smalltalk, refer to
"Visual Modeling Technique."

Table of contents

Chapter 1. What Is VisualAge for Smalltalk? 1.0
Chapter 2. General Information 2.0
Chapter 3. Graphical User Interface 3.0
Chapter 4. IBM Smalltalk Programming Language 4.0
Chapter 5. ENVY 5.0
Chapter 6. Microsoft Windows 6.0
Chapter 7. National Language Support 7.0
Appendix A. Special Notices A.0
Appendix B. Related Publications B.0


Publish Date
19 September 1997

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