Selecting A Server-Value of S/390

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication is designed to help you select the most appropriate server platform for a business application or set of applications.
The book discusses the issues you should consider and how different platforms address those issues. It also gives you an appreciation of an S/390 server as a possible solution to your requirements.

The purpose of this book is to help you:
- Understand the key items to consider when choosing a large server
- Compare different platforms, especially S/390 and traditional UNIX servers (S/390 is also a UNIX server)
- Learn the advantages of the S/390 platform
- Appreciate all the cost implications of your platform choice

A sample cost comparison of S/390 and traditional UNIX servers and a checklist of key questions to consider are included.

This book is relevant for people looking at:
- Realignment of information technology with their business goals
- Local area network (LAN) or application consolidation
- Applications that have traditionally run on host computers
- New applications
- Data mining
- Query applications
- UNIX servers
- Internet servers

In the context of this book, S/390 refers to IBM S/390 servers running OS/390. Other IBM operating systems, such as VM/ESA and VSE/ESA also support IBM S/390 servers and provide significant value for customers when compared to other platforms. These other environments are beyond the scope of this book.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction and Summary 1.0
Chapter 2. Key Issues in Selecting a Server 2.0
Chapter 3. Technology Comparison 3.0
Chapter 4. Application Flexibility 4.0
Chapter 5. Data 5.0
Chapter 6. Performance 6.0
Chapter 7. Service Availability 7.0
Chapter 8. System Management 8.0
Chapter 9. Cost Examples 9.0
Appendix A. Key Questions To Consider A.0
Appendix B. Cost Assumptions B.0
Appendix C. Cost Calculations C.0
Appendix D. Cost Examples from First Edition D.0
Appendix E. Special Notices E.0
Appendix F. Related Publications F.0


Publish Date
05 February 1999

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