AS/400 Performance Explorer Tips and Techniques

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication provides descriptions and detailed examples of the Performance Explorer (PEX) capabilities available under AS/400 V3R6 and V3R7 OS/400 and the Performance Tools/400 licensed program 5716-PT1. Specific application examples and reports are used to augment the Performance Explorer documentation contained in "Performance Tools/400", SC41-4340.

This book is primarily addressed to "AS/400 performance experts" who are already familiar with other AS/400 performance tools and need to use the Performance Explorer capabilities to identify and resolve performance-related problems.

Example problems and reports are provided for PEX statistics (*STATS), program source statement profile (*PROFILE), and trace (*TRACE) functions. In addition to standard PEX *TRACE functions, this book also provides examples of "enhanced PEX *TRACE" capabilities available only through the special PTFs documented in this book.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Performance Management and the Performance Explorer 1.0
Chapter 2. Running the Performance Explorer 2.0
Chapter 3. Performance Explorer *STATS Option 3.0
Chapter 4. PEX STATS Examples 4.0
Chapter 5. Performance Explorer *PROFILE Option 5.0
Chapter 6. Performance Explorer *TRACE Option 6.0
Chapter 7. Using PEX TRACE 7.0
Chapter 8. Interpreting Standard PEX TRACE Reports 8.0
Chapter 9. Interpreting Enhanced PEX TRACE Reports 9.0
Chapter 10. Examples of PEX TRACE Reports 10.0
Appendix A. AS/400 MI Complex Instructions (Partial List) A.0
Appendix B. AS/400 Modules (Partial List) B.0
Appendix C. AS/400 LIC Tasks (Partial List) C.0
Appendix D. Performance Explorer PTF Summary D.0
Appendix E. Performance Explorer Tables E.0
Appendix F. Special Notices F.0
Appendix G. Related Publications G.0

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05 March 1997

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