P/390, R/390, S/390 Integrated Server: OS/390 New User's Cookbook

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IBM systems based on P/390 adapters provide entry-level platforms that are ideal for program developers. Many developers, new to MVS and OS/390, are using these to port or implement their program products onto OS/390. This has produced many queries about basic OS/390 usage. Basic questions, understood without thinking by long-time MVS users, can be confusing to new users.

The formal OS/390 documentation is not in the format to conveniently answer many of these simple usage queries. This IBM Redbooks publication is a collection of "How to..." articles that may be useful to new OS/390 users and owners. It does not attempt to be comprehensive -- no single document could do that -- but it does address many of the situations encountered by new users. The OS/390 Application Development CD-ROM system is widely used by IBM's S/390 Partners-in-Development, Business Partners, and others. The AD CD-ROM is a complete, ready-to-use OS/390 system, and contains a substantial number of products in addition to base OS/390.

Tips and techniques described in this document are not limited to the AD CD-ROM, but most examples and illustrations use the AD CD-ROM as the base system. It can be regarded as a concrete, specific expression of a standard OS/390 installation in a smaller environment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. OS/390 AD CD-ROM Status 2.0
Chapter 3. System Planning 3.0
Chapter 4. IPL and Startup 4.0
Chapter 5. User Administration 5.0
Chapter 6. Disk Administration 6.0
Chapter 7. RACF Administration 7.0
Chapter 8. Miscellaneous Administration and Techniques 8.0
Chapter 9. Open Edition 9.0
Chapter 10. SMP/E 10.0
Chapter 11. OS/390 Operator Functions 11.0
Chapter 12. VTAM Functions 12.0
Chapter 13. TCP/IP 13.0
Chapter 14. P/390, R/390, IBM Integrated Server 14.0
Chapter 15. Understanding Mainframe Printing 15.0
Appendix A. Special Notices A.0
Appendix B. Related Publications B.0


Publish Date
08 April 1999

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