AS/400 Performance Management V3R6/V3R7

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This IBM Redbooks publication describes a methodology for performance management on IBM AS/400
Advanced Systems using PowerPC technology with OS/400 Version 3 Release 6 and
OS/400 Version 3 Release 7. It includes setting up performance objectives, collecting and reviewing performance data, tuning of resources, and capacity planning. Performance guidelines and application design tips are also provided.

This document is intended primarily for IBM and IBM Business Partner technical professionals who want to implement a performance management structure on an AS/400 customer system. It is also useful for IBM customers who have in-depth AS/400 technical skills.

An intermediate knowledge of Performance Tools/400 Version 3 Release 6 and
Performance Tools/400 Version 3 Release 7 (licensed program 5716-PT1) is

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Performance Management 1.0
Chapter 2. Performance Requirements and Objectives 2.0
Chapter 3. Factors Affecting Performance 3.0
Chapter 4. AS/400 Performance in a Server Environment 4.0
Chapter 5. DASD Performance 5.0
Chapter 6. Performance Management Methodology 6.0
Chapter 7. Performance Management and Review 7.0
Major Topics Covered in This Chapter 7.1
Chapter 8. Performance Trend Analysis 8.0
Chapter 9. Performance Problem Analysis 9.0
Chapter 10. Additional Performance Tools 10.0
Chapter 11. System Performance Tuning Tips 11.0
Chapter 12. Design and Coding Tips 12.0
Chapter 13. AS/400 Client/Server and File Serving Performance 13.0
Chapter 14. Internet Connection for AS/400 System 14.0
Appendix A. Guidelines for Interpreting Performance Data A.0
Appendix B. Program Exceptions B.0
Appendix C. IBM Internal Use Only Tools/Documents C.0
Appendix D. Performance Tools/400 Transaction Boundary Overview D.0
Appendix E. OS/400 Expert Cache and Set Object Access Overview E.0
Appendix F. Overview of UNIX Work and Resource Management Constructs F.0
Appendix G. OS/400 Client Access/400 Subsystem and Job Information G.0
Appendix H. Special Notices H.0
Appendix I. Related Publications I.0

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Publish Date
21 March 1997

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