AS/400 Electronic-Mail Capabilities

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication describes the Electronic Mail (E-Mail) capabilities
of the AS/400 system having OS/400 Version 3 Release 2, OS/400
Version 3 Release 7, or OS/400 Version 4 Release 1 installed.
Although it is not possible to describe every mail client or every
connectivity environment, the intent of this manual is to provide
information on the most common mail clients that can connect to the
AS/400 system.

In addition, this manual provides an overview of the electronic
mail environment, an introduction to TCP/IP and the SMTP protocol,
considerations when connecting to the Internet, e-mail tips,
and general problem solving considerations.

This book was written for AS/400 administrators,
OfficeVision/400 administrators, or anyone responsible for
exchanging e-mail between any of the POP3 clients or Client Access/400
based MAPI clients connected to an AS/400 system.

Several practical examples are presented to demonstrate the necessary
configuration tasks.

Some knowledge of OS/400, Internet Mail (SMTP), and OfficeVision/400
as well as TCP/IP communication is assumed.
The manual is designed to discuss many of the concepts necessary to
understand how the AS/400 system inter-operates with e-mail clients.
It is not intended to provide detailed information on specific tasks
associated with installing, configuring, and managing specific e-mail
It does, however, reference other publications that contain detailed
information on how to install, configure, and manage specific e-mail
clients in an AS/400 environment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Today's Mailing Environment 1.0
Chapter 2. Short Introduction to TCP/IP, Internet, and Other Standards 2.0
Chapter 3. Available Mail and Messaging Products for AS/400 Users 3.0
Chapter 4. Electronic Mail Support in OS/400 4.0
Chapter 5. AS/400 System as Mail Server for Any POP3 Client 5.0
Chapter 6. The POP3 Environment 6.0
Chapter 7. Configure a Client Access Based Mail Client 7.0
Chapter 8. Set Up Lotus Mail 4.5 8.0
Chapter 9. Lotus Notes Mail Integration on the Integrated PC Server 9.0
Appendix A. Additional OS/400 E-Mail Topics A.0
Appendix B. Sending Mail to the Internet from an AS/400 System B.0
Appendix C. Sending Internet Mail from OfficeVision/400 C.0
Appendix D. Special Notices D.0
Appendix E. Related Publications E.0


Publish Date
27 January 1998

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