Personal Communications Version 4.1 DOS, Windows, and OS/2 Implementation

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication is Volume I in a series of redbooks about Personal
Communications; it describes the connection options and features of the DOS,
Windows, and OS/2 versions of the following products:

Personal Communications AS/400 Version 4.1
Personal Communications AS/400 and 3270 Version 4.1

The book explores their flexibility and modes of operation, and focuses on
how to customize the Personal Communications products for 3270 or 5250
host-system communications.

Although a Windows 95 version of Personal Communications is now available,
this book includes only brief information about it; full information will be
in a separate book, Personal Communications for Windows 95 Implementation
Guide, SG24-4689, available in July 1996.

Volume II, Personal Communications for Mobile Users, SG24-4456 (available
July 1996), is intended for mobile users and for administration personnel who
have to set up Personal Communications in a mobile environment.

Volume III, Personal Communications for Coax, LAN, and WAN Users, SG24-4688
(available July 1996) focuses on how to customize Personal Communications for
3270 or 5250 host-system communications and how to use them in the coax, LAN
and WAN environments.

This book was written for workstation communications specialists or anyone
who has the responsibility of installing any of the products available in the
Personal Communications family. Some knowledge of 3270 or 5250
workstation-to-host communications and of OS/2 or DOS/Windows is assumed.

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10 May 1996

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