Lotus Notes Release 4 In a Multiplatform Environment

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This document is unique in its detailed coverage of the installation, configuration, and administration of Lotus Notes Release 4 in a multiplatform environment. We installed Lotus Notes Release 3.x and Release 4 on several different servers - OS/2, AIX, Windows NT, and Windows 95, and clients - OS/2, AIX, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Apple's System 7. We also documented the use of Lotus Notes with both the TCP/IP and NetBIOS networking protocols. Installation scenarios and the necessary administration tasks are examined and documented.

We also describe the use of many different administrative commands and functions which would be commonly used by a Lotus Notes Administrator. Topics such as replication, certification of IDs, passthru servers, shared mail databases, and remote connections are discussed and many examples are shown.

This document was written for the technical professional who is responsible for the installation and administration of Lotus Notes Release 4. Some knowledge of LAN environments, network topologies, and operating systems is assumed.

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23 February 1996

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