AS/400 in Multiprotocol Networks

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This document addresses the growing trend of
multiprotocol networks from an AS/400 perspective. The AS/400 is
found more and more in mixed protocol and system environments where
interoperability is a major requirement. As networking moves to
multiprotocol wide area backbones - supporting all the protocols
required by today's variety of applications and systems - the AS/400
is found communicating across these backbones.

This IBM Redbooks publication will help you to understand the concepts of
this new multiprotocol environment in which your AS/400 system resides,
and how easily the AS/400 fits in.

In an AS/400 dominated situation, understanding the concepts of
multiprotocol networking helps you decide what direction the backbone
should take, especially as the options available increase. This
book should help to meet these different needs.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Why Multiprotocol Networks 1.0
Chapter 2. Networking Technologies 2.0
Chapter 3. Router Technology 3.0
Chapter 4. IBM Router Products 4.0
Chapter 5. AS/400 Networking Capabilities 5.0
Chapter 6. Router Configuration Tools 6.0
Chapter 7. IBM 2210s, IBM 5394 and SDLC Relay 7.0
Chapter 8. 5494 Connectivity Using IBM 2210 APPN 8.0
Chapter 9. IBM 2210 Frame Relay Connectivity to an AS/400 9.0
Chapter 10. Multiprotocol Connectivity Using Two Routers 10.0
Chapter 11. Multiprotocol Connectivity with Backup 11.0
Chapter 12. Multiprotocol Central Site Connectivity 12.0
Chapter 13. APPN/HPR Encapsulation in TCP/IP 13.0
Chapter 14. APPN Network Extension 14.0
Chapter 15. Providing Backup in Router Networks 15.0
Chapter 16. Performance in Router Networks 16.0
Chapter 17. Network Management in Router Networks 17.0
Chapter 18. AS/400 and Printing in a Multiprotocol Network 18.0
Appendix A. Special Notices A.0
Appendix B. Related Publications B.0

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Publish Date
19 January 1999

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