An Introduction to AS/400 SNMP Support

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication will help anyone who needs to understand the SNMP support
provided by the AS/400. As an aid to those new to SNMP, the book
gives an overview of SNMP, the type of information made available via
SNMP and the level of management made possible through the AS/400 SNMP
agent. The book includes information on the configuration of the
AS/400 SNMP support and provides examples of the use of an SNMP
manager to retrieve SNMP management information from the AS/400. In
showing this, the book not only shows how this can be done but also
provides examples of the type of information made available to an SNMP
manager when querying an AS/400 SNMP MIB. Those familiar with SNMP
will find information included on the standard, IBM enterprise and
Novell enterprise MIBs supported by the AS/400 SNMP agent.

Of special value is the information included on how the SNMP set
function can be used to manage AS/400 communications objects, for
example, how set can be used to re-activate a failed line description.

Where applicable, the book compares SNMP based management with the
equivalent native AS/400 function. For example, it compares the use
of SNMP to display IPX routing information with an AS/400 command that
can gather the same information.

The book also includes information on the SNMP manager and subagent
APIs included in OS/400, how these can be used by third-party
applications and how, in the case of the manager APIs, they are used
by IBM-supplied OS/400 applications.

The book is valid for OS/400 releases V4R1, V3R7, V3R6, V3R2 and V3R1. It should be noted that there were no SNMP enhancements in V4R1.

Some knowledge of TCP/IP is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to SNMP 1.0
Chapter 2. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 2.0
Chapter 3. OS/400 SNMP Support 3.0
Chapter 4. Getting Started 4.0
Chapter 5. NetView for OS/2 5.0
Chapter 6. OS/400 SNMP Manager 6.0
Chapter 7. OS/400 SNMP Subagent 7.0
Chapter 8. OS/400 SNMP-Based Functions 8.0
Chapter 9. OS/400 Supported MIBs 9.0
Chapter 10. Host Resources MIB 10.0
Chapter 11. AS/400 as a Trap Generator 11.0
Chapter 12. Journal for SNMP Logging 12.0
Chapter 13. Loading an Enterprise-Specific MIB 13.0
Chapter 14. SNMP and AnyNet 14.0
Chapter 15. NetView for AIX 15.0
Appendix A. Additional Information on SNMP A.0
Appendix B. The IAB B.0
Appendix C. Problem Determination C.0
Appendix D. CL Commands for AS/400 SNMP D.0
Appendix E. Customizing the NetView for OS/2 Discovery Process E.0
Appendix F. SNMPv2 F.0
Appendix G. Special Notices G.0
Appendix H. Related Publications H.0


Publish Date
14 November 1997

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