Complementing AS/400 Storage Management Using Hierarchical Storage Management APIs

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Take a look at hierarchical storage management (HSM) for AS/400 storage management. Based on V4R4 of OS/400, this IBM Redbooks publication is designed for system administrators, system architects, and members of the IBM technical community who are faced with managing capacity and storage, and providing availability and recovery solutions. This book presents an overview of the HSM architecture, with planning considerations for migration, archival, and dynamic retrieval. By reading this book, you can gain a better understanding of building a solution to complement or customize AS/400 storage management software such as BRMS/400, ADSM/400, and EDMSuite OnDemand.

In addition, this book offers valuable information regarding:

- Application customization approaches for each of the hierarchical storage elements.
- The planning, implementation, and management of a hierarchical storage management solution.
- An introduction to new applications enabled by the hierarchical storage management implementation and customizing existing applications to work with migration, archive, and dynamic retrieval solutions.

An understanding of AS/400 architecture, file construction, and storage management is assumed. Basic knowledge of application design is beneficial.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Hierarchical Storage Management
Chapter 2. Hardware and Software Considerations
Chapter 3. Planning for HSM -- Migration
Chapter 4. Planning for HSM -- Archiving
Chapter 5. Planning for HSM -- Dynamic Retrieval
Chapter 6. Positioning Storage Management Products
Chapter 7. Practical HSM Implementation
Appendix A. Integrated File System
Appendix B. Registering a Program for an Exit Point
Appendix C. Practical Programming Sample Code
Appendix D. Disk Compression

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26 July 1999

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