IMS Fast Path Solutions Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication


IBM's Information Management System (IMS) Fast Path
provides a rich set of facilities for applications where performance,
capacity and availability are paramount.
This IBM Redbooks publication provides an introduction to IMS Fast Path for both the
IMS user and the IMS Database Control user who is using CICS
as the transaction manager.

This book was written for systems programmers, database
administrators, and application developers who would like to understand
more about the facilities provided by IMS Fast Path. This will give you
extra options for increasing the performance and availability of your

A fully functional application system is described in the book,
with practical examples demonstrating how to
define IMS fast-path databases, program specification blocks, and
programs to load and access these databases. The full source code
is included in the book, so you can use it as a working sample system.

Some knowledge of IMS and application development is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. An Introduction to IMS Fast Path 1.0
Chapter 2. Major Fast Path Features 2.0
Chapter 3. Achieving High Availability and Continuous Operation 3.0
Chapter 4. Achieving High Performance 4.0
Chapter 5. When and How to Use Fast Path 5.0
Chapter 6. Sample Application 6.0
Appendix A. Sample Application Code A.0
Appendix B. Using APPC with IMS B.0
Appendix C. Using REXX with IMS C.0
Appendix D. Special Notices D.0
Appendix E. Related Publications E.0


Publish Date
24 September 1997

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