Magstar and IBM 3590 High Performance Tape Susbsystem: Multiplatform Implementation

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This IBM Redbooks publication is intended to help customers and IBM technical
professionals implement the IBM 3590 High Performance Tape Subsystem
on various platforms such as AIX/6000, OS/400, MVS/ESA, VM/ESA,
and Sun systems. The IBM 3590 tape subsystem can also coexist with the
current IBM 3490E tape subsystem in the IBM 3494 and 3495 Automated
Tape Library Dataservers.

In addition to this, this second edition has been added information
about IBM 3591 tape subsystem than can be used on OS/390, MVS/ESA,
VM/ESA, and VSE/ESA platforms through an ESCON channel interface.
The IBM 3591 tape subsystem uses IBM 3590 Magstar tape drives and
3590 high performance tape cartridges but it is looked as IBM 3490E
tape subsystem from a software point of view.

The third edition has been updated for IBM 3590-A00 ESCON tape controller
and has been added information about IBM Magstar Virtual Tape Server
and IBM 3590 Silo-Compatible tape subsystem.

This book describes the product overview, hardware and software
implementation, migration, and operational considerations in
various operating environments such as MVS/ESA, VM/ESA, AIX/6000, OS/400,
and Sun Systems. This information can be used to help customers plan
and prepare their IBM 3590 and IBM 3591 tape subsystems implementation.

This book is written for storage administrators, systems programmers,
and other technical professionals involved with and interested in
storage subsystems.

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03 December 1996

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