Developing (Real) DCE Applications for OS/400

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This document is unique in its detailed coverage of AS/400 DCE
Base Services/400. It focuses on DCE RPC application development
in AS/400 DCE Base Services/400 by providing *real* example applications
that are used to demonstrate DCE functionality and interoperability
with OS/400 and DB2/400 data. This book uses the AS/400 system
primarily as the server of data and an RS/6000 as the client, but any
DCE system (including another AS/400 system) can be used as the client
due to the portability of the client code written for this project.

This document was written for analysts and programmers. It is not
a replacement of the formal manuals that describe AS/400 DCE Base
Services/400, but answers many of the questions raised by the system
analyst and programmer about how to integrate OSF's DCE into OS/400.
Some knowledge of OSF's DCE, OS/400, and AIX is assumed. A diskette
that contains all of the sample applications is included.

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Publish Date
27 December 1995

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