AS/400 Programming with VisualAge for RPG

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This IBM Redbooks publication demonstrates how to use VisualAge for RPG in a Windows 95 or Windows NT client/server environment. The reader learns how to visually develop a graphical user interface for workstation programs that access the AS/400. This book gives a broad understanding of various issues related to client/server programming with VisualAge for RPG, such as data access on the AS/400, calling programs and procedures, using messages and help, managing projects, or national language support.

The book contains two parts. Part 1 covers VisualAge for RPG topics in detail and the reader is presented with solutions to everyday problems, such as exception handling or sharing of components. Many RPG source examples are developed along the way to aid the reader.

Part 2 consists of education material that can be used in class. This part takes a step-by-step approach to explain the basic features of VisualAge for RPG, for example, actions, components, menus, notebooks, or containers. By following the samples, the reader develops a small application. The book demonstrates how to use and create VisualAge parts, use events to trigger RPG logic, define subfiles and more.

"AS/400 Programming with VisualAge for RPG" was written for AS/400 programmers that are using ILE RPG and now want to move into a client/server environment. Some knowledge of AS/400 operations, DB2/400 and RPG is assumed.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to VisualAge for RPG 1.1
Chapter 2. Debugging 1.2
Chapter 3. Data Access 1.3
Chapter 4. Programs, Procedures, and Functions 1.4
Chapter 5. Messages 1.5
Chapter 6. Defining Help 1.6
Chapter 7. National Language Support 1.7
Chapter 8. Managing Projects 1.8
Chapter 9. Importing Display Files 1.9
Appendix A. File Descriptions A.0
Appendix B. VisualAge for RPG Source B.0
Appendix C. Sample Code C.0
Appendix D. Special Notices D.0
Appendix E. Related Publications E.0


Publish Date
19 May 1998

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