Creating Java Applications using NetRexx

An IBM Redbooks publication


NetRexx is a new human-oriented language that makes writing and
using Java classes quicker and easier than writing in Java.
NetRexx combines the ease of use and flexibility of Rexx with the
robust structure and portability of Java.

This IBM Redbooks publication covers all aspects of NetRexx, from simple scripting
programs to applications and applets using such advanced features
as graphical user interfaces with animation, access to relational
databases, communication over TCP/IP sockets, client/server
programming using remote method invocation (RMI), Common
Gateway Interface (CGI) programming, and JavaBeans.
The sample programs are freely available on the Internet.

This book applies to NetRexx Version 1.0 and 1.1, and the
Java Development Kit (JDK) Version 1.1.1. The sample programs
were tested on Windows 95, Windows NT, and OS/2 Warp; they
should also run on other platforms that support JDK 1.1.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. Starting with NetRexx 2.0
Chapter 3. The NetRexx Compiler 3.0
Chapter 4. The NetRexx Language 4.0
Chapter 5. Using NetRexx As a Scripting Language 5.0
Chapter 6. Creating and Using NetRexx Classes 6.0
Chapter 7. Creating Graphical User Interfaces 7.0
Chapter 8. Threads 8.0
Chapter 9. Handling Files 9.0
Chapter 10. Database Connectivity with JDBC 10.0
Chapter 11. Network Programming 11.0
Chapter 12. Using NetRexx for CGI Programs 12.0
Chapter 13. Creating JavaBeans With NetRexx 13.0
Chapter 14. Why NetRexx? 14.0
Appendix A. Redbook Package Reference A.0
Appendix B. Special Notices B.0
Appendix C. Related Publications C.0


Publish Date
10 September 1997

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