AS/400 - Implementing Windows NT on the Integrated Netfinity Server

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AS/400 Integration with Windows NT is a new and exciting product on the AS/400 system. This IBM Redbooks publication offers you detailed insights and explanations on the support provided by the integration software. It also highlights the benefits of running Windows NT on the AS/400 Integrated Netfinity Server, rather than on a PC. This book is intended for use by IBM customers, Business Partners, service providers, and IBM personnel who need an in-depth understanding of how to implement Windows NT running on the Integrated Netfinity Server.

In addition, this book explores the following topics:

- Implementing Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows NT Server 4.0 Terminal Server Edition on the AS/400 Integrated Netfinity Server (INS)
- The previous integration products: File Serving IOP (FSIOP) and the Integrated PC Server (IPCS)
- Step-by-step instructions on planning and installation
- Advice and guidance on other important topics, such as disk administration, user administration, backup and restore, and problem determination
- The support provided by OS/400 Version 4 Release 4

Plus, this book offers a great deal of detailed technical reference information to help you fully understand this product. The integration software can also be used by customers running OS/400 Version 4 Release 3 on their AS/400 system.

This book includes some topics that are covered in the formal publication, AS/400 Integration for NT, SC41-5439 (also called the whitebook), that is shipped with OS/400. This whitebook was not updated for OS/400 V4R4. In this book, there is additional detailed technical information not contained in the formal publication.

Updates can be found at the AS/400 Information Center. However, you may want a publication that covers planning, installation, operation, backup, and troubleshooting of Windows NT Server running on the Integrated Netfinity Server without the technical detail. For this information, AS/400 Integration with Window NT Server, SC41-5439, may be more appropriate to your needs. You can access this publication on the Web at:

Note: With the product name change from "Integrated PC Server" to "Integrated Netfinity Server", the title of this edition of this book has been changed as well. The second edition of this book replaces the first edition, which was entitled: AS/400 - Implementing Windows NT on the Integrated PC Server.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Planning for Installation
Chapter 3. Installing Windows NT Server
Chapter 4. General Administration
Chapter 5. Disk Storage Administration
Chapter 6. User Administration
Chapter 7. Back Up and Restore
Chapter 8. Updating Integration Software
Chapter 9. Problem Determination
Chapter 10. Integrated Netfinity Server Hardware and Software
Chapter 11. Components of the Windows NT Server
Chapter 12. Windows NT Terminal Server on Integrated Netfinity Server
Chapter 13. QNTC File System (NetClient)
Chapter 14. IBM AS/400 Support for Windows Network Neighborhood
Chapter 15. Running Applications on the Integrated Netfinity Server
Chapter 16. Managing Integrated Netfinity Servers on Remote Systems
Chapter 17. Performance
Chapter 18. PC Server Migration and Consolidation
Chapter 19. Printing in a Network Environment
Chapter 20. DBCS Considerations
Appendix A. Windows NT Supported Language Versions
Appendix B. References
Appendix C. Installation Files
Appendix D. Network Server Description Configuration Files
Appendix E. Comparing Integrated Netfinity Server Hardware and Software
Appendix F. Release Enhancements

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13 September 1999

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