The System Administrator's Companion to AS/400 Availability and Recovery

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication serves as a companion to other sources of availability and recovery topics, which most
significantly include the Backup and Recovery manual, SC41-5304. It offers a collection of tips
and techniques from many sources, including professional consultants specializing in availability, recovery,
systems management, and performance. Plus, it highlights new availability and recovery features for V4R2
and significant functions from earlier releases.

The information in this book assumes that you are familiar with AS/400 operating procedures, such as
using commands to save your system. It also assumes that you understand basic problem determination
techniques, such as where to find error messages and how to report problems.

This book was written for the AS/400 system administrator. System administrators are responsible
for ensuring that the AS/400 system maintains a level of availability to meet business demands. Their
responsibility includes:

* Ensuring the system is backed up in the event that recovery is needed
* Enforcing and monitoring the backup and recovery plan
* Planning for, implementing, and managing the appropriate hardware and software components
to ensure a level of availability consistent with business requirements
* Defining system-wide values that affect save-and-restore operations, data integrity, security,
and performance
* Enabling the techniques and tools to automate save-and-restore procedures
* Maintaining reliable documentation for changes made to the system

As IBM continues to enhance the availability of the AS/400 system and improve save-and-restore
functions, more tools and techniques are readily accessible to maintain your system's availability.
This book can help you understand the features of the AS/400 system, increase your system's
availability, and prevent or reduce the impact of an outage.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to AS/400 Availability and Recovery 1.0
Chapter 2. Availability and Recovery Concepts 2.0
Chapter 3. Availablility Options Provided by Hardware 3.0
Chapter 4. IPL Improvements for Availability 4.0
Chapter 5. Save and Restore for Availability and Recovery 5.0
Chapter 6. Save and Restore Considerations for Mixed Release Environments 6.0
Chapter 7. Licensed Program and PRPQ Backup and Recovery 7.0
Chapter 8. Save, Restore, and System Performance for Availability 8.0
Chapter 9. Tools for Automating System Management Functions 9.0
Chapter 10. Work Management for System Availability 10.0
Chapter 11. Availability and the PTF Process 11.0
Chapter 12. Communications Error Recovery and Availability 12.0
Chapter 13. Network Availability--TCP/IP Considerations 13.0
Chapter 14. Availability Options with Hypertext Transfer Protocol 14.0
Chapter 15. Backup and Restore for Integrated File System Objects 15.0
Chapter 16. Database Protection and Availability 16.0
Chapter 17. Using Remote Journals to Improve Availability and Recovery 17.0
Chapter 18. OptiConnect for OS/400 18.0
Appendix A. AS/400 Maximum Capacities A.0
Appendix B. Evaluating the Time to IPL B.0
Appendix C. Save and Restore Rates of IBM Tape Drives for Sample Workloads C.0
Appendix D. OptiConnect for OS/400 Terminology and Hardware Overview D.0
Appendix E. High Availability Solutions E.0
Appendix F. Special Notices F.0
Appendix G. Related Publications G.0


Publish Date
13 August 1998

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