AS/400 Server Capacity Planning

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This IBM Redbooks publication can help you with capacity planning for server applications running on AS/400 server models.
Today there are a wide variety of client/server applications for the AS/400 system on the market place.
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do capacity planning as we used to do with pure "green screen"
interactive applications and the BEST/1 feature of AS/400 Performance Tools.

This book describes the methodology and the approach to do capacity planning for all server applications and provides
examples for some selected server applications such as:

- APPC banking application widely used in China
- Socket based Lawson Software application suite
- TCP/IP based SAP R/3
- HTTP serving with Internet Connection Server

The methodology described here applies equally to applications from companies such as
IBS, Intentia, JBA, JD Edwards, Lawson, Marcam, Peoplesoft, SAP, SAS, Software AG, SSA, just to name a few.
But also applications based on Lotus Domino, JAVA, ODBC, TCP/IP Sockets, and so on.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Capacity Management 1.0
Chapter 2. AS/400 Capacity Planning 2.0
Chapter 3. The AS/400 System in a Client/Server Environment 3.0
Chapter 4. BEST/1 for Server Capacity Planning 4.0
Chapter 5. Example for Application Using Sockets Interface 5.0
Chapter 6. Working Example of an APPC Based Application 6.0
Chapter 7. Internet HTTP Capacity Planning 7.0
Chapter 8. SAP R/3 on AS/400 System 8.0
Appendix A. Working Paper on AS/400 Performance Management A.0
Appendix B. Special Notices B.0
Appendix C. Related Publications C.0

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Publish Date
25 February 1998

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