AS/400 Applications: IBM Year 2000 Tools Tips and Techniques

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication is the third in a series of three redbooks that provides practical guidance to AS/400 application developers to enable their applications for the approach of the next century. Through the use of tutorials and a step-by-step hands-on approach, you are guided through the features and capabilities of IBM tools and products, such as BYPASS2000 V3R1M2, for a rapid increase in user knowledge and awareness.

The book begins by using basic tools, looking at simple problems, such as "Does my source code match my compiled code?". Then, it explores sophisticated products that automate much of the Year 2000 application enabling process.

This book is available only in softcopy. You can access this book on the Web at:

In the Redbooks Home page, click Redbooks Online! On the page that appears, enter SG24-2156-01 for the search string and then click Submit Search.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. AS/400 Analyze User Objects Inventory Tool
Chapter 3. SEARCH2000 Impact Analysis Tool
Chapter 4. BYPASS2000 Product Overview
Chapter 5. BYPASS2000 Tutorial
Chapter 6. BYPASS2000 Tips and Techniques
Appendix A. Interfacing to BYPASS2000
Appendix B. Conversion Repository
Appendix C. BYPASS2000 Markers
Appendix D. BYPASS2000 Messages
Appendix E. IBM SmoothStart Service for BYPASS2000
Appendix F. AS/400 BYPASS2000 Education
Appendix G. Special Notices
Appendix H. Related Publications

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Publish Date
15 June 1999

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