AS/400 - IBM Network Station - Getting Started

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication is intended for use by customers, business partners and IBM personel who require a good understanding of the IBM Network station in an AS/400 environment. It provides detailed information about the first release of the IBM Network Station hardware and software. It introduces and positions the concept of Network Computing and Network Computers, and contains specific advice on planning, installation and configuration in an AS/400 environment.

Details on how to centrally manage the configuration of IBM Network Stations from the AS/400 system is included, together with guidelines on the performance of the Network Stations.

The book also contains information on how to use the various
capabilities provided by the IBM Network Station, including:
- 5250 emulation
- 3270 emulation
- IBM Network Station Browser
- JAVA applets and applications
- X-Station support
- Running Windows applications on a Windows NT server
for use on the IBM Network Station.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. IBM Network Station - Positioning 2.0
Chapter 3. Planning 3.0
Chapter 4. IBM Network Station Setup 4.0
Chapter 5. IBM Network Station Manager for AS/400 5.0
Chapter 6. Using the IBM Network Station 6.0
Chapter 7. Printing 7.0
Chapter 8. Managing Setup and Performance of Your Network Station 8.0
Appendix A. Related Web Sites, APARS, and Publications A.0
Appendix B. Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving B.0
Appendix C. Network Computer Reference Profile C.0
Appendix D. Managing Groups of Users D.0
Appendix E. Special Notices E.0
Appendix F. Related Publications F.0

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Publish Date
12 August 1997

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