AS/400 e-commerce: Internet Connection Servers

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This IBM Redbooks publication studies the new (OS/400 V4R1) Internet Connection Servers. Internet Connection Server for AS/400 is the "free" one and replaces the V3R2/V3R7 HTTP server. Internet Connection Secure Server for AS/400 provides a secure server. Both servers provide support for multiple IP addresses, multiple server instances, configuration through a Web browser and access control. Internet Connection Secure Server provides support for secure HTTP transactions through the SSL
(Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. This book covers the use and configuration of both servers. For the secure server, the book includes certificate management, getting a certificate from a certificate authority, creating a self-signed certificate, and so on.

The intended audience for this book is AS/400 Technical Specialists and Network Computing Specialists working with, or planning to work with, the AS/400's Internet Connection Server support.

The book is unique in providing information both on the level of support provided and information on how to install/configure Internet Connection Server for AS/400

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 1.0
Chapter 2. Internet Connection Server Family 2.0
Chapter 3. AS/400 Internet Connection Server 3.0
Chapter 4. AS/400 Internet Connection Secure Server 4.0
Chapter 5. Web Browser Configuration Interface 5.0
Chapter 6. Basic Internet Connection Server Configuration 6.0
Chapter 7. How to Get ICS for AS/400 Server Up and Running 7.0
Chapter 8. Protecting Server Resources 8.0
Chapter 9. Establishing a Secure Connection 9.0
Chapter 10. Emulator Products 10.0
Chapter 11. National Language Support 11.0
Chapter 12. Building an Internet Server Site 12.0
Appendix A. Special Notices A.0
Appendix B. Related Publications B.0

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Publish Date
09 April 1998

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