IBM SecureWay Host On-Demand 4.0: Enterprise Communications in the Era of Network Computing

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This IBM Redbooks publication will help you install, configure, administer and use IBM SecureWay Host On-Demand Version 4.
Host On-Demand consists of a server and several clients, certified 100% pure Java, that provide terminal-emulator sessions to System/390, AS/400 and ASCII host systems through a Web browser. The server can be installed on Windows NT, OS/2, NetWare, AIX, various types of UNIX, OS/400 or OS/390.
Now that we are into the era of "computing on the Web", there is a need for products that let customers, agents, suppliers, distributors and other business partners, as well as employees, have access to a company’s host systems over the Internet or intranet; Host On-Demand is just such a product.
This book describes all the functions of Host On-Demand, from the point of view of both administrator and user. It explains how the product works and the variety of ways in which it can be configured to suit differing requirements, and it discusses and makes recommendations about data security, which is often of vital importance in this environment. Many enhancements have been made in Version 4.
Many people nowadays want to present host-system screens in a graphical format that is familiar to the modern-day user. IBM Screen Customizer lets you convert "green screens" easily and quickly into windows that include images, buttons, links, dialog-boxes and all the other attributes of a modern graphical interface. The book includes a chapter on this product.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: IBM SecureWay Host On-Demand - An Introduction
Chapter 2: Planning
Chapter 3: Installation
Chapter 4: System/390 as a Host On-Demand Server
Chapter 5: Administration
Chapter 6: Using LDAP Directories
Chapter 7: Host On-Demand Clients
Chapter 8: Using a Host On-Demand Session
Chapter 9: 3270 Host Printing
Chapter 10: 5250 Host Printing
Chapter 11: Security
Chapter 12: IBM SecureWay Screen Customizer
Chapter 13: Host Access Class Library (HACL)
Chapter 14: Host Access Beans for Java
Chapter 15: Database On-Demand
Chapter 16: Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) Considerations
Chapter 17: Problem Determination
Appendix A: Host On-Demand for OS/390 Sample Jobs
Appendix B: Trace Examples
Appendix C: An Example of MacroIOProvider
Appendix D: Firewall Rules Needed for Host On-Demand


Publish Date
06 March 2000

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