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This IBM Redbooks publication helps you install, tailor, and configure IBM Net.Commerce for AS/400. IBM Net.Commerce for AS/400 is based on Net.Commerce Version 2. IBM Net.Commerce provides the infrastructure around which an online shopping mall can be built. This shopping mall may be a mall of many stores or a single store mall.

Net.Commerce has two main components: the Net.Commerce Server and the Net.Commerce Administrator. The Net.Commerce Server receives and executes requests from the Web using a secure Web server for AS/400. The Net.Commerce Administrator provides Web browser-based tools for creating and maintaining the online mall and stores. The book looks in detail at both the Net.Commerce Server and the Net.Commerce Administrator.

This book targets the needs of system and network administrators who plan, configure, and maintain AS/400 networks. It also addresses the needs of application designers who create Net.Commerce sites.

This document was developed using Version 4 Release 2 of the AS/400 Web server implementation. Net.Commerce can run with the Version 4 Release 2 and Release 3. Because of the continuous improvements to the Web server on the AS/400 system, some descriptions in this document do not apply to Release 3. Throughout this document, we add notes where V4R3 implementations are different from V4R2.

The following list summarizes the major differences in the Web server implementations for the two releases.
1. To achieve a secured Web server, you need the following products:
- V4R2: Internet Connection Secure Server (5769-NC1 or 5769-NCE)
- V4R3: HTTP Server (5769-DG1) and Cryptographic Access Provider (5769-AC1, 5769-AC2 or 5769-AC3)

2. SSL (Secured Socket Layer) configuration:
- V4R2: This is done both in the ICSS configuration tasks and in the Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) task. More detailed descriptions of the DCM follow.
- V4R3: This is done as a separate configuration step in a Web server (HTTP Server). To configure the SSL with V4R3, select the "Digital Certificate Manager" task from the AS/400 Tasks Administrative Page on your browser screen. Then follow the instructions. Appendix A shows you the detailed steps for this configuration. You can also get the detailed information in the AS/400 Information Center by typing the following URL for the configuration steps:
Then select the topics "Internet" and "Digital Certificate Management".

3. The HTTP server jobs are running under a different subsystem with V4R3. When you want to make sure the HTTP server jobs are running, look at the following subsystem depending on the release you are using:
- V4R2: The subsystem name is QSYSWRK.
- V4R3: The subsystem name is QHTTPSVR.

4. Net.Data is packaged differently in V4R3 than V4R2. You may have to consider this difference when you install Net.Commerce.
- V4R2: As a part of TCP/IP (5769-TC1)
- V4R3: As a part of the HTTP Server (5769-DG1)

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Net.Commerce for AS/400 1.0
Chapter 2. IBM e-commerce Offerings 2.0
Chapter 3. Net.Commerce Overview 3.0
Chapter 4. Net.Commerce for AS/400 4.0
Chapter 5. Planning for Net.Commerce 5.0
Chapter 6. Net.Commerce Installation 6.0
Chapter 7. Net.Commerce Basic Configuration 7.0
Chapter 8. Net.Commerce Advanced Configuration 8.0
Chapter 9. Net.Commerce System Operations 9.0
Chapter 10. Setting Up a Net.Commerce Shopping Mall 10.0
Chapter 11. Integrating Legacy Applications and Data with Net.Commerce 11.0
Chapter 12. Building an e-commerce Site 12.0
Chapter 13. Shopping Trip in the Demo Mall 13.0
Appendix A. SSL Configuration for V4R3 A.0
Appendix B. Special Notices B.0
Appendix C. Related Publications C.0


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22 February 1999

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