VSE to OS/390 Migration Workbook

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The purpose of this document is to provide information and guidance to
personnel involved in a VSE to OS/390 operating system change; that is,
a VSE to OS/390 migration.

The primary focus is on VSE program and file conversions, and on
operational differences between the two systems. Chapters on each of the
source languages are included. DB/DC conversions, and operational
differences between POWER and JES2 are also addressed.

Within each chapter, not only are the differences pointed out, but
OS/390 implementation and suggested use recommendations are made
wherever possible. These recommendations can help the migrating customer
"better" design their use of OS/390.

Throughout this document, the term MIGRATION refers to the entire
process of transition from a VSE environment to an OS/390 environment.
The term CONVERSION describes the process of translating and updating
VSE applications and data to meet the requirements of OS/390.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Why Customers Migrate 1.1
Chapter 2. Sizing the Effort 1.2
Chapter 3. Developing the Plan 1.3
Chapter 4. Job Control Language (JCL) Differences and Considerations 2.1
Chapter 5. Disk and Tape Storage Considerations 2.2
Chapter 6. CICS 2.3
Chapter 7. ICCF and TSO 2.4
Chapter 8. Databases 2.5
Chapter 9. Telecommunications Subsystems 2.6
Chapter 10. POWER and JES2 2.7
Chapter 11. Advanced Function Printing and Print Services Facility/MVS 2.8
Chapter 12. COBOL 3.1
Chapter 13. Assembler 3.2
Chapter 14. RPG II 3.3
Chapter 15. PL/I 3.4
Chapter 16. FORTRAN 3.5
Chapter 17. Language Environment (LE) 3.6
Chapter 18. Procedure Language REXX 3.7
Chapter 19. SORT 4.1
Chapter 20. DITTO 4.2
Chapter 21. VSAM Backup/Restore 4.3
Chapter 22. Librarian 4.4
Chapter 23. LISTLOG/PRINTLOG - Printing Log Streams 4.5
Chapter 24. VSE/Fast Copy and OS/390 DFSMSdss 4.6
Chapter 25. Prepare the Migration Environment 5.1
Chapter 26. Test Environments 5.2
Chapter 27. Orienting ICCF Users to TSO/ISPF 6.1
Chapter 28. Orientation to OS/390 Console Operation 6.2
Chapter 29. Orientation for Utilities 6.3
Chapter 30. Systems Management Philosophy and Methodology 6.4
Chapter 31. Diagnosing System Problems 6.5
Chapter 32. Conversion Process 7.1
Chapter 33. Conversion Services and Tools 7.2
Chapter 34. Customer Migration Example 8.1
Appendix A. Education Information APPENDIX1.1
Appendix B. Mapping ISV Products and Functions APPENDIX1.2
Appendix C. DFSMS Naming Conventions APPENDIX1.3
Appendix D. Special Notices APPENDIX1.4
Appendix E. Related Publications APPENDIX1.5

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27 October 1998

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