VSE/ESA as a Web Server

An IBM Redbooks publication


The World Wide Web, also known as WWW or the Web, is the most exciting
and fastest growing information service to exist on the Internet.
Your VSE/ESA system can become an integral part of the Web by running
VSE/ESA as a Web server.

Do you want to know how to run VSE/ESA
as a Web server allowing Web browser clients to access information
stored on your VSE/ESA system?

This IBM Redbooks publication describes how you can easily set up the required
basic components for the VSE/ESA Web server as well as more
advanced features such as CGI programs to implement Web access to
VSE/ESA business data or whole databases.

We show in a detailed and comprehensive way all the steps that
are required to set up and run VSE/ESA as a Web server using
the HTTP daemon of TCP/IP for VSE/ESA. Several practical examples
are presented to illustrate how to create a Web server home page
and make your Web site more appealing by adding links, graphics or
interactive features such as JavaScript or Java applets.

A detailed description of sample CGI programs including the source
code can help you to implement the Web access to your VSE/ESA
data and resources.

This publication is intended for system engineers or programmers
responsible for implementing VSE/ESA host integration into TCP/IP
based networks including the World Wide Web. It assumes a basic
knowledge of TCP/IP, Internet and WWW concepts and protocols and a
working knowledge of VSE/ESA.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. World Wide Web and Internet Concepts 1.0
Chapter 2. VSE/ESA as a Web Server Overview 2.0
Chapter 3. Installation and Setup of TCP/IP on the VSE/ESA System 3.0
Chapter 4. VSE/ESA Web Server Definitions 4.0
Chapter 5. Security 5.0
Chapter 6. Creating a Web Site 6.0
Chapter 7. JavaScript Programming Example 7.0
Chapter 8. A JAVA Programming Example 8.0
Chapter 9. CGI Programs 9.0
Appendix A. Source Code Listings A.0
Appendix B. Special Notices B.0
Appendix C. Related Publications C.0


Publish Date
15 December 1997

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