DB2 Solutions with VSE & VM Implementation and Usage

An IBM Redbooks publication


This IBM Redbooks publication describes the new capabilities of IBM DB2 Server
for VSE & VM Version 5 Release 1.

It contains an overview of the new functions, features and how customers
can benefit from them.
Many details, techniques and recommendations about
how to set up and use these new facilities are provided as well as
DB2 solutions with VSE and VM focusing on base and distributed
relational database capabilities involving OS/2, AIX and Windows NT

Sample applications such as DRDA2 access to multiple databases,
Data Replication and DB2 Internet Gateway illustrate the versatility
of this new product.

Multiplatform C/S technologies covering aspects such as
connectivity, security, administration and application exploitation
are also described.

This document is intended for use by database administrators,
system programmers, application programmers and those who are
involved in using DB2 Server for VSE & VM.. It assumes a knowledge of DB2 database
administration and basic knowledge of either VM/ESA or VSE/ESA.

The CD-ROM .Interactive Learning in Distributed Database &
Client/Server Solutions., SG24-4944 provides comprehensive
education & training on all related aspects.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview 1.0
Chapter 2. Base and Features Implementation 2.0
Chapter 3. Base and Features Usage 3.0
Chapter 4. DRDA_1 Client/Server Implementation 4.0
Chapter 5. DRDA2 Client/Server Implementation, Usage and Solutions 5.0
Chapter 6. DB2 Solution for WWW Internet/Intranet 6.0
Chapter 7. Data Replication Implementation 7.0
Appendix A. Base Environment Overview A.0
Appendix B. Client/Server Environment Used B.0
Appendix C. Data Replication Implementation for OS/2 C.0
Appendix D. Special Notices D.0
Appendix E. Related Publications E.0


Publish Date
08 August 1997

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