IBM ESCON Director 9032-5 Presentation

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This IBM Redbooks publication provides information on the 9032 Model 5 to enable you to plan for the installation of the 9032-5, to operate and respond to OS/390 error messages associated with the 9032-5, to define the 9032-5 to both the S/390 processor and OS/390, and to understand how and where to support the 9032-5 switch matrix.

Also included are details of the various topologies that the 9032-5 ESCON Director can be part of, and what fiber cabling is required to support the link connections to and from the 9032-5. Both valid and invalid connection topologies are discussed.

This book also includes information on the installation and use of the FICON Bridge card and FICON Bridge port in the 9032-5, and what topologies and cabling are required to support the FICON channel (in FCV mode) links.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. 9032-5 ESCON Director Introduction
Chapter 2. Installation Planning
Chapter 3. 9032-5 Console
Chapter 4. ESCON Matrix and Connectivity Management
Chapter 5. ESCON Director Terminology
Chapter 6. ESCON and FICON (FCV) Topology
Chapter 7. Error recovery and Reporting
Chapter 8. Migration to the 9032-5

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Publish Date
06 October 1999

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