WebSphere Business Integration Adapter Development: An Integration Broker Deployment Example

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Published 28 March 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-9125-00
(356 pages)

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Authors: Lee Gavin, Jeffrey Blight, Antti Lundstrom, Girolamo Palumbo, Liz Savoie, Chris Sparshott, Susumu Sugihara, Alberto Tatarano


This IBM Redpaper is the final in a series of Redpapers called WebSphere Business Integration Adapter Development. This series discusses the development and deployment of WebSphere Business Integration Adapters.

In this final Redpaper, An Integration Broker Deployment Example, we take the reader through the final phase of the development life cycle of a custom adapter: final testing, then deploying to and testing with an Integration Broker. In our scenario we use the WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker as our Integration Broker. We include sample code for you to download, as well as discuss our development, initial testing and deployment steps.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview of our scenario and applications
Chapter 2. Install and configure the scenario infrastructure
Part 1. Deploy and test a technology adapter
Chapter 3. Creating the business objects and connector
Part 2. Deploy and test a custom adapter for the back-end
Chapter 4. Object Discovery Agent
Chapter 5. Package the custom adapter for distribution
Chapter 6. Unit testing the connector
Part 3. Build and test the integration
Chapter 7. Deploy business objects to the Message Broker
Chapter 8. Build and test message flow for Retrieve
Chapter 9. Build and test message flows for Create
Chapter 10. Build and test message flow for Update
Chapter 11. Gathering statistical and historical data from the runtime
Appendix A. Unit test traces
Appendix B. Where are my messages?
Appendix C. Additional material

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