Introduction to WebSphere InterChange Server V4.2.2 Performance Tuning

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This Redpaper provides key tuning recommendations for enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions based on WebSphere InterChange Server. This paper is not meant to be a comprehensive treatment of performance tuning, but instead a summary of experiences obtained through the use of the product.

There are few easy answers to a performance problem, or what is perceived as a performance problem, in a complex system made up of multiple hardware and software components.

For those who are either considering or are in the very early stages of implementing an WebSphere InterChange Server solution, this document should provide a useful performance information reference, serving as a supplemental starting point for setup, tuning, and configuration information. It provides a useful introduction to many of the issues affecting InterChange Server performance and can act as a guide for making rational first choices in terms of configuration and performance settings.

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Publish Date
18 July 2004

Last Update
29 September 2005

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